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Automotive Insurance

Do you understand your auto insurance policy? If you don’t you aren’t alone many people have never had the coverage on their auto insurance explained to them. I will take the time to sit down with you and explain the coverage so you can make an educated decision about the coverage levels and deductibles you want.

Home Owners Insurance

Your home is likely your biggest investment. Do you have enough coverage to rebuild your home if something were to happen be it a storm, fire, explosion or other calamity. Is your personal property protected, do you need to schedule your jewelry, art work, Golf clubs, guns or other specific items to ensure that there is coverage on the policy to replace them if lost or stolen. We'll work with you…

Life Insurance

Life insurance can be very confusing with so many choices how do you choose the right plan? We work with you to find the solution for your individual situation by understanding more about your life and your overall financial goals. Life insurance can be affordable, even when you have a tight budget.

Business Insurance

As an Independent Insurance agent we are a small business, it's what we know, It's not just any business, it's your business we understand that, it's what you worked so hard to make a success. We work with you, we listen to you and help you to find the coverage that fits your individual needs. It’s about risk management and we have Insurance companies that help you to avoid costly losses by…

Farm Insurance

Whether you run a small or large operation, own or rent your premises and land, or raise crops or livestock, we can help to put a package together to cover your specific needs. We have insurance companies that have a long history of insuring farms, they know your business and work with you to identify your needs to protect it.

Boat Insurance

Boat insurance covers many kinds of boats, we offer boat insurance to cover your individual needs whether you are a weekend boater , fisherman or sailing the Great Lake we can help.

Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance coverage from some of the top carriers in the industry. We can help to fit the coverage to your style of riding, whether it is a cruiser, sport bike, touring bike or scooter we can help fit a policy to your specific needs.

Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Have you looked at your coverage for your recreational vehicle lately. If you rely on your homeowners and/or auto insurance policies to protect your recreational vehicle. there may be gaps in the coverage. Those insurance policies often provide little, if any, supplemental coverage for your recreational vehicle.

Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Insurance helps to cover over all the liability coverage on your policies when something catastrophic happens. This coverage helps to protect your assets from lawsuits where you are found liable.

Medicare Supplements

We help people with Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D plans. I take time to understand your needs and show you options suited for you. I help you to understand the plans so that it takes the guesswork out of picking the right plan for your individual needs.


An annuity is a long term investment, they are designed to help protect you from the risk of outliving your income without the volatility of the stock market. There are different options for funding the annuity and different settlement options so that you can have a plan to fit your needs. Annuities can be used to supplement retirement income with periodic payments that can last for life.

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